• The big return of our famous sandwich, Both Hands Full Bap

    The big return of our famous sandwich, Both Hands Full Bap

    04 April 18
    We were quite sure you would appreciate the Both Hands Full Bap, but we were surprised how much you loved it. We probably do not divulge a secret that last year, this was the best-seller of our menu.
    Perhaps not by any mistake: a good price, a source of fresh ingredients. And now here you are the opportunity to recall the taste of summer. Both Hands Full Bap returns in May 2018.
    The story of Both Hands Full Bap began at the end of 2015. At that time, it hasn't been named yet, we were only planning to create a sandwich that would be made with quality ingredients, slow-cooked meat, fresh vegetables and harmonious sauces.
    The sandwich was first made at the beginning of 2016 and it was amazingly well done although it still wasn't named yet. Therefore, we gave it the unbelievably striking name: Fészek Sandwich.
    In May 2016, with only a couple of weeks left until Fészek was opened and there was still no passable name for the sandwich.. Finally, on the evening of May 11th, we put these variations on paper (actually in Word): Zánka's bite, the heart of Lake Balaton, Zánka growler and Both Hands Full Bap. The next day, on May 12th, we voted in favour of the last one.
    Come in and enjoy the famous sandwich with both hands on our terrace or inside every weekend from the beguinning of May. And of course other delicacies from our menu already from March 30th.
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